Dear Friend,

     When someone we love dies, we want to believe the grief we feel will be gone in a short time.  But as the days pass, we realize our grief still lingers.  What can we do?  We try not to think about it, we try to stuff it down, we try to get busy...yet we realize, dispite all  of our efforts, our grief isn't leaving anytime soon.

     Grief is a journey and sometimes we need a little help finding our way through.  More importantly, sharing with others who have similar thoughts and emotions can be a help and comfort.

     We gather as a group for seven weeks to discuss a variety of topics, from how we feel, to who do I call to get the car inspected or how do I cook a roast?  You come in sharing a loss, but leave with good friends and a hope for the future ahead.  For more information, contact Jody Dausey: 412-233-4588.


Bereavement Care Coordinator, Jaycox-Jaworski Funeral Home  & Crematory

Jody Dausey

p.s.  Anyone who might appreciate attending our gatherings is invited; you need not have used our funeral home!
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